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Research students

Changing minds, lives and the world

The WHO CC welcomes Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral level domestic and international research students who have a strong interest in the areas of Health Impact Assessment and climate change related to the Asia-Pacific region.  Research focus areas can range from but not limited to:

  • Understanding the process of integrating climate change and HIA in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Exploring the institutional and governance challenges in operationalising HIA and climate change in various developing country contexts
  • Developing new HIA methodologies that are contextually grounded in local realities and local knowledge systems
  • Developing innovating tools/frameworks for monitoring and evaluating HIA and climate change assessments that can support national health planning efforts
  • Crafting novel dissemination products related to HIA and climate change that can inform health practitioners and policy makers

Research at Curtin is nationally and internationally recognised and the WHO Collaborating Centre welcomes research proposals that can support its key Terms of Reference. As a research student at Curtin, you will work closely with external stakeholders to create solutions to global problems and write a thesis under the guidance of a supervisor.