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Our Work

Curtin University provides a role in advisory and consultative services in HIA and climate change to the Western Pacific Region and beyond.

Image of factories and factory emissions

Staff at Curtin University provide expertise and a strong role in the coordination of services relevant to EnviHealth Impact Assessment (HIA) programs and research in the Western-Pacific Region and beyond. Our philosophy is to allow a coordinated approach in collaboration with hosting regions to prevent, mitigate or solve environmental health problems associated with social, economic or environmental factors impacting on community populations.

To achieve our aims, we have been designated a World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre as a result of previous work that focuses on partnerships for activities such as education, research, training, and the provision of advisory and consultative services in health impact assessment and related activities. Our Centre also plans, conducts, and evaluates HIA and climate change research, communicating results at regional and International forums.

The Centre can:

  • Provide support for the development of methods and approaches for activities in HIA;
  • Advise and assist on the development of training and educational programs in HIA and climate change; and
  • Provide specialized professional expertise in conducting HIA and climate vulnerability/adaptation assessments for health systems

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