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Curtin University
WHO Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health Impact Assessment

Consultant on legislation, processes and methods for HIA within the EIA process in Mongolia/MOH

Mongolian flagThe purpose of this project was to provide technical advice for integration of health impact assessment into the environmental impact assessment and assist in the development of guidelines and manuals on HIA and conduct 3-5 day training on HIA for health, environment, inspection and other sector staff;

The main findings from the mission were that a) the timing is opportune for the MOH to put forward recommendation for changes to the Law on EIA and the associated procedures for the stronger inclusion of HIA in the approvals process: b) there is currently in Mongolia a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for the stronger inclusion of HIA in the approvals process for industrial developments; c) it is very likely that the multinational companies currently developing projects in Mongolia will be carrying out HIA in some form as this is now considered world’s best practice. Mongolia will need to develop its own guidelines for HIA.