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Curtin University
WHO Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health Impact Assessment

WHO and EHIA/HIA Projects

WHO Collaborative Projects and Selected International Projects:

Year Region WHO Collaborative Description
2015 Pacific Islands Staff from the centre contributed to the development and publication of the WHO report: "Human health and climate change in Pacific Island countries" [PDF 3MB]. Published by the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific.
2015 Local Development and publication of guidelines in line with the Centre’s Terms of Reference on EHIA and Climate Change: “Climate Change, Vulnerability and Health: A Guide to Assessing and Addressing the Health Impacts”. Download project information.pdf
2015 China WHO seminar on “Climate change, Health and the Environment”, co-hosted by the WHO China Office and the Australian Embassy in China. Staff from the Centre delivered a presentation on the Centre’s research on climate change, health and the environment with a focus on the recently published Climate Change, Vulnerability and Health Guidelines.
2015 China Australia-China Centre for Air Quality Science and Management Three staff from the Centre attended the Executive Committee Meeting where the research program and key research themes of the Australia-China Centre were discussed and potential future collaborations were considered.
2015 Laos, Morocco and Paraguay WHO Consultant to the Governments of Laos, Morocco and Paraguay. Educational service.
2015 Korea The First Regional Training on Health, Environment and Development. World Health Organization - Regional Office for the Western Pacific. Staff from the centre delivered talks on Understanding the principle of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) with a case study applying HIA to Climate Change, and an Introduction to the Health Impact Assessment Guideline for Health and Climate Change.
2015 Korea Sixth annual Climate Change and Health Conference hosted by the Climate Change and Health Forum - a nongovernmental organisation of the experts on climate change and health in Korea. Staff from the centre spoke at the plenary session, on health in the urban environment and climate change.
2014 Malaysia Development and publication of a Health Impact Assessment within Environmental Health Assessment guide: “A Guide for the Evaluation of Health Impact Assessments carried out within the EIA process”.  Download project information.pdf [820KB]
2014  Korea  International HIA Workshop and Thematic Working Group on HIA/WHO: Sponsored by WHO
Speakers from the Centre delivered presentations on climate change research and the future directions of HIA in the region, and participated in Thematic Working Group (TWG) discussions regarding the 2014-2016 work-plan.
2014  Thailand  Extraordinary Meeting of High-Level Officials of the Regional Forum on Environment and Health in Southeast and East Asian Countries
Participation in the principle meeting and contributions to side meetings with other members of the TWG on HIA 2014 to discuss the 2014-2016 work-plan
2014  Philippines  The First Regional Forum of WHO Collaborating Centres in the Western Pacific
Poster presentation of the Centre’s work and participation in numerous parallel sessions including open guided discussions on WHO CCs, feedback regarding the collaborations and discussions around innovative opportunities for strengthening and enhancing partnerships.
2014  Local  The Centre hosted Dr Yanyong Uraiwan Pakpoom, a member of the TWG of HIA from Thailand
Discussions regarding the need for integration of diverse perspectives of HIA with scientific and local evidence in HIA case studies and general HIA training courses and guidelines. 
2010 - 2012 Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Nauru WHO Consultant to governments of the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Nauru
2011 China Presentation of plenary lectures on Safety Culture and Risk Management: Sponsored by China University of Geoscience, Beijing Municipal Government and the State Administration of Work Safety
Two Conferences were held in Beijing (September and November) on risk management at the workplace. Plenary lectures were given at each conference with a focus on the relationship between risk management and safety culture.
2011 Korea Thematic Working Group on HIA/WHO: Sponsored by WHO
The TWG HIA meeting in was held in Korea and contributions were made to the TWG HIA meeting and a paper was presented at the combined HIA/air quality conference.
2010 Mongolia

Consultant on legislation, processes and methods for HIA within the EIA process in Mongolia: Sponsored by MOH

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