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Curtin University
WHO Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health Impact Assessment

WHO Supported EHIA/HIA Projects 1990-1994

Year Region WHO Collaborative Description
1993 Manila and Tagatay City, Philippines Environmental Risk Assessment - WHO / Environmental Management Bureau and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
1993 Mauritius Collaborative Education in Environmental Management - WHO / , International Labour Organisation and United Nations Environment Programme
1993 Ranau, Malaysia Environmental Health Situational Analysis - WHO / Curtin University, University of Malaya and University of Hawaii
1993 -1995 Diponegoro, Indonesia WHO / University of Diponegoro / Department of Employment Education and Training, Australia
1992 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Environmental Risk Assessment - WHO / Department of the Environment and the National Institute of Public Administration
1992 Singapore Chemical Waste Training and Workshop - WHO / UNDP / Singapore Ministry of Environment
1992 Hanoi Vietnam Hazardous Waste Training and Management Workshop - WHO / Department of Hygiene & Environment / National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health
1990 Guangzhou, China Hazardous Waste Management - WHO / National EPA / Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
1990 Geneva, Switzerland WHO workshop on Occupational Hygiene Education and Training
1998 - 1991 Beijing, China Australia China Collaboration